Cabinet Bugnion’s partners share a common vision of the strategy to adopt in the intellectual property field: providing high-quality legal and technical expertise that meets the specific needs of each of its clients.

Delphine nb web

Delphine Maistre du Chambon

Managing Partner
Intellectual Property Counsel

Delphine MAISTRE DU CHAMBON has a Master’s I in private law, another in private law specialising in English law awarded in Great Britain, and a Master’s II in Intellectual Property, Industrial Agreements and New Technologies Law from Pierre Mendès France University (Grenoble – France).

She joined the firm as a partner in May 2015 and is appointed Managing Partner in September 2018.

Delphine has experience in a number of English-speaking and French intellectual property firms and spent around ten years in the Intellectual Property department of an international group specialising in the luxury goods sector. She has particular expertise in protecting and defending trademarks, designs and models, and copyright. Delphine regularly provides training for businesses on intellectual property.

She is a member of several associations, including the INTA and ECTA.


Alexandre Weith

Intellectual Property Counsel

Alexandre WEITH has a Master’s degree in law from the University of Geneva. After training as a barrister, he joined Bugnion in 1998 and became a partner in January 2004.

He deals mainly with trademark law, copyright, unfair competition law, internet law and data protection. He is a contract specialist, with particular expertise in licensing, assignment and coexistence agreements, and speaks fluent English.

Alexandre is a member of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), the International Trademark Association (INTA) and the European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA) and is joint president of the Association of International Business Lawyers (AIBL).


Sandra Faroux

Intellectual Property Counsel

Sandra FAROUX has a Master’s I in business law and a Master’s II in Intellectual Property, Industrial Agreements and New Technologies Law from Pierre Mendès France University (Grenoble – France).

She joined Bugnion in 2005 and became a partner in 2015. Sandra began her career in the Industrial Property department of a law firm and gained additional experience in an international company in the luxury goods sector in Switzerland. Sandra helps her clients to define their intellectual property strategy and create portfolios of their trademarks, models and domain names. Her work focuses mainly on portfolio audits, drafting contracts and all the legal aspects associated with the law on trademarks, designs and models and copyright for Swiss, French and international clients.

Sandra is a member of the Association Romande de Propriété Intellectuelle (AROPI), the Association des Praticiens du Droit des Marques et des Modèles (APRAM) and the ECTA.


Dominique Skrebers-Zaïontz

Of Counsel
Intellectual Property Counsel

Dominique SKREBERS-ZAÏONTZ graduated in law from the University of Geneva and is a qualified barrister (1977). She joined Bugnion in late 1977 and later became a senior partner.

Thanks to over 30 years’ experience in the intellectual property field, both in Switzerland and internationally, she is well equipped to provide expert advice to clients on protecting and defending their trademarks, and responding to their needs in areas such as unfair competition and copyright.

She also offers advice on drafting licensing, assignment and coexistence agreements.

Engineers and lawyers

Our team of qualified lawyers and engineers, supported by experienced administrative staff, looks after all your needs in all areas of intellectual property.


Patrice recadrée nb web

Patrice Borne

European and Swiss Patent Attorney

Patrice BORNE is a Swiss patent attorney, a qualified European patent attorney and is registered on the list of qualified IP persons for patents (INPI, France).

He holds a Master of Science and Technology in Scientific Innovation (University of Angers, France) and is graduated from the International Center for Intellectual Property in patents, trademarks, design rights and patent disputes (Strasbourg, France).

Patrice joined Bugnion in 2018 after having worked for more than 20 years as in-house IP counsel for  multinational companies leaders in the consumer goods sector, particularly in food, beverage and nutrition, where he was responsible for a patent group and led numerous patent oppositions and litigations.

Patrice seeks to develop a strategic and holistic vision of industrial property rights for his clients.

He intervenes in particular in:

  • Procedures for the acquisition of patent rights,
  • Oppositions before the European Patent Office,
  • Patent litigations,
  • Freedom of exploitation and patentability studies,
  • R & D contracts.


His areas of expertise include mechanical engineering, medical devices, packaging, mechatronics, systems and products for consumer goods.

Patrice is a member of several professional associations including EPI and AROPI and provides training and lectures in IP strategy and patent matters.

IP Lawyer


Sophie Courtois

IP Lawyer
Intellectual Property

Sophie COURTOIS has a Master’s II in Intellectual Property Law and Design Law awarded in 2015 by Lumière University (Lyon – France).

She joined Bugnion in 2016 after working for a number of French consultancy firms during her final-year work placements.

She is mainly responsible for tracking trademark, design and copyright applications and intellectual property agreements. She also specialises in portfolio analysis and online communications tools.

Pauline Schmitlin nb 3

Paulin Schmitlin

IP Lawyer
Intellectual Property

Pauline SCHMITLIN has a Master’s II in Intellectual Property Law – Copyright and digital law – obtained in 2017 from the Sorbonne University (Paris – France).

She joined Bugnion in 2018 as IP Lawyer after her final internship in the Intellectueal Property Department of the University of Geneva.

She is mainly dealing with trademark, design and copyright matters.

IT Manager


Sébastien Blaise

Domain names and IT

Sébastien BLAISE is an IT expert with an advanced vocational diploma (BTS) in management IT.

He joined the firm in 2003 and has been responsible for managing domain name portfolios since 2016.

His role involves tracking applications, registration procedures and renewals in close contact with a network of rigorously selected Domain Name Registrars. Sébastien is also involved in setting up a competition monitoring system for domain names.

He also assists clients with the technical aspects of domain names, including website redirection, e-mail redirection, implementing digital certificates and setting up secure systems for transferring information with our clients (PGP encryption, private clouding, etc.).

Administrative team


Florian Jaques

Accounting and Finance

Florian JAQUES, has a Federal Specialist Certificate in Finance and Accounting; he is the firm’s Finance Manager and looks after the administrative aspects of Human Resources.

Florian has over 20 years’ experience in accounting and management control.


  • Christine CARVALHO
  • Stefanie FELLER
  • Florence FROSSARD
  • Agnès GARDES
  • Gisèle GIORGINO
  • Katia SANCHEZ
  • Sabrina SAYAH
  • Josiane SANTOS
  • Aissa DIABY
  • Blandine BAILLARGEA

Administrative team

  • Georges BERTHOUD (Designer)
  • Céline PERROUD


All applications are welcome and will be examined in detail and in confidence.

Engineer, swiss and european accredited representative (m/f)

Job description

  • Patentability analysis of innovations/inventions and freedom to operate
  • Drafting of patent applications and monitoring of examination procedures through to registration
  • Prior arts search
  • Tracking objections and appeals procedures
  • Monitoring of technical fields and competitive intelligence
  • Advising clients on their application strategy and extending protection
  • Assistance to clients in cases of forgery
  • Assistance to clients on acquisition or disposal of IP rights
  • Due diligence and valuation of intangible assets in conjunction with tax advisers

Job requirements

  • Advanced training in mechanics
  • At least five years’ experience in patents in a consultancy or business
  • European qualification examination, either in progress or already held
  • Swiss and/or French qualification, either in progress or already held, would be an advantage
  • French, English, German
  • Rigour, a dynamic approach, good interpersonal skills and enthusiasm required
  • Full-time post

If you feel you have the right skills and experience for this role, please send a full CV and covering letter to Mr Florian Jaques,

Only applications that meet the requirements stated above will be considered.

Paralegal assistant with experience in trademarks, designs and models

Job description

Experience in administrative management of trademark, design and model portfolios, in particular:

  • Administrative aspects of applications
  • Management of incoming/outgoing correspondence relating to applications/clients
  • File and database creation and updates
  • Management and monitoring of procedural deadlines
  • Quote preparation and invoicing
  • Preparation of prior arts searches
  • Preparation of trademark, design and model applications
  • Monitoring renewal procedures
  • Preparation of objections documentation and monitoring of pre-action procedures
  • Monitoring of customs registration procedures
  • Registration of assignments, licences and changes of holder
  • Trademark monitoring

Job requirements

  • Minimum five years’ experience in the intellectual property field
  • Maîtrise de l’outil informatique professionnel
  • Native French speaker
  • Excellent English
  • Good German
  • Precision, organisation, motivation and ability to work in a team
  • Full-time post

If you feel you have the right skills and experience for this role, please send a full CV and covering letter to Mr Florian Jaques,

Only applications that meet the requirements stated above will be considered.

Unsolicited applications should be sent to the following e-mail address: