A patent protects a technical invention (product, part of a product, process, etc.) in all technology-related fields.
Many strategic issues justify the protection of your inventions through patents.
A patent grants the right to prohibit unauthorised third parties from freely using the invention.
The patent enhances the value of your company as an intangible asset and can be a source of income (patent licensing subject to the payment of royalties, assignment of patent rights, etc.).
The constitution building a patent portfolio also gives a technological edge to your compagny over its competitors

BUGNION® assists you in the acquisition, valorisation and defence of your rights throughout the duration of your patent protection.
Our innovation approach is ensured by a team of engineers and patent paralegals who work in many technical fields (mechanics/micromechanics, physics, computer science, telecommunications, electronics, chemistry, biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals…).

Our expertise in Switzerland and abroad covers the following services :

  • development of personalised invention protection strategies through an approach adapted to the technical characteristics ;
  • definition of the territorial scope of each patent ;
  • budget development in strict compliance with the budgetary constraints of all relevant economic actors ;
  • prior search, patentability analysis, legal risk analysis, freedom to operate study ;
  • drafting and filing of patent applications ;
  • follow-up and assistance regarding examination procedures ;
  • annuity management ;
  • negotiation and contract drafting (assignment, licence, confidentiality clause, confidentiality agreement, co-ownership…) ;
  • audit of patent portfolios ;
  • monitoring of the technological process and technology watch ;
  • opposition proceedings ;
  • pre-litigation and litigation (formal notice, cease and desist letters, follow-up on litigations with specialised lawyers) ;
  • training and awareness-session on intellectual property issues.
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